Somdej Chaopraya Borommaha Sri Suriyawongse was a great man who made significant  contributions to the  prosperty of  Thailand.   He is the central inspirational figure for everyone in Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat University, as the site of the University was his residence. The name of the University is derived from his name,therefore, all people at the University respect and revere him.
      Somdej Chaopraya Borommaha Sri Suriyawongse was the eldest son of somdej Chaopraya Borommaha Prayoonrawongse (Dis Bannag) and Tan Poo Ying (Lady) Chan. He was born on December 23, 1808. He was well- educated with great English proficiency. He was also greatly experienced in government administration, foreign affairs, commerce, ship building and literature.
      He committed himself to serve as a Royal page for king Rama the Second. Later, in the Reign of king rama the fourth, he became the Ministor of defence and after that he assumed the position of Regent while His Majesty King Rama the Fifth was not of age to rule the country.
      He married Tan Poo Ying Kiln and had four children. In the final period of the life, he lived in the province of the Rajaburi. He died on January 19,1822 at the age of 73. Every year  on the date of his death, the University commemorates him by having ceremonies paying homage to him.