Research Host for International Researchers
BSRU will assist the visiting international professors and researchers who are planning a research stay in Thailand. BSRU provides assistance relating to the organization of a research, and provides information and guidance on a wide range of issues such as visa and entry requirements, and general information about research in Thailand. BSRU encourages the cooperation between the world class and the national researchers in a various fields such as the research on Thai Royal Project, ASEAN, and Asian Region.

We host for the international researchers & experts to conduct research in Thailand in the various fields as ASEAN study, Sciences, Linguistics, Management, Education, etc We will offer meals and accommodation, visa correspondence, and trip in Bangkok for researchers, scholars, and experts including spouse.

Staff Academic and Research Development
We seek for staff development cooperation in continuing Ph.D. education, academic and research training, workshop, academic official leave such as academic position documentary writing, research operating, etc.

Academic and Research Auditing
We are glad to promote the cooperation in academic and research auditing between our University and international institutes.

THE ASEAN Studies & Resources Centre
BSRU seeks to establish ASEAN Studies & Resources Centre. The centre is devoted to strengthen, deepen, and emphasize the academic and cultural research and study.

BSRU plans to develop an Outstanding Campus to promote “Cream of the Crop” project. Its mission is to improve students’ effectiveness through the development of knowledge and humanity under the supervision of volunteer Royal fellows, experts and English native instructors. The students will be funded and facilitated in the educational supportive “Green” and “Clean” environment and economic sufficiency philosophy of the King to achieve excellence.

update : 4 dec 2013