Vision & Strategies


The mission of Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat University (BSRU) is to uphold a “World Class Quality University” through the pursuit of education, learning, and research at the highest international level of excellence. BSRU seeks to attract a diverse group of exceptionally competent researchers and academic experts across the nation and around the world for academic and research cooperation.
1. To uphold the World Class Quality based on the world class quality knowledge management.
2. To create academic professionals and ASEAN citizens with good moral character.
3. To develop diverse group of exceptionally talented personnel as leaders from across the nation.
4. To uphold the university as academic learning resources in languages, arts, cultures and sports.
5. To uphold the university as the Research and Academic Hub in ASEAN and the World.
6. To develop International Language Centre.
7. To encourage research and learning in various fields of languages.
8. To establish ASEAN Studies & Resources Center.
9. To build the international standard campus based on economic sufficiency philosophy and international
10. The university aims to create “Cream of the Crop” or the high capacity graduated in the fields of Thai,
English, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Sciences, etc.
11. To create the educational supportive environment with “Green” and “Clean”.

Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat University will consolidate its position among 1 of 150 Asian Universities in 2019. It will operate actively for the world-class quality education.

Strategic objectives: Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat University Strategic objective I Support, Encouragement, and Development of Curriculum and Teaching Quality

1. Support, Encouragement, and Development of Curriculum and Teaching System for Students’ Quality and Academic Reputation
Strategy I Development of Various Curriculums for Academic Reputation
Strategy II Development of Learning Procedure and Providing Learning Facility
Strategy III The Active Implementations of Modern Teaching Innovation and Medias, including academic environment

2. Development of Graduates’ Experience, Morality, and Living Skills
Strategy I The Experience, Morality, Language Skills, Living Skills, and Capacity of Graduates

3. Development, Production, and Encouragement of Educational Personnel’s Professional Standard
Strategy I Development of Teachers and Educational Personnel’s Productive and Promotional System and Mechanism
Strategy II Development of International and National Educational and Professional Network for Teachers and Educational Personnel’s Development

4. Development of Teachers and Staff’s Professional Quality and Capacity
Strategy I Improvement of Teachers and Staff’s Professional Quality, Morality and Capacity
Strategy II Development of Welfare and Benefit System

Strategic Objective II Improvement of Research Capacity and Social Services
1. Improvement and Development of Research Management Quality
Strategy I Development of Effective Research Management System and Mechanism
Strategy II Development of Modern Research Database and Information
Strategy III Improvement and Support of Research Environment for Teachers and Researchers
Strategy IV Research Implementation
2. International and National Research Network
Strategy I Improvement and Support of International and National Research Network for Individual Researcher and Organization
Strategy II Specialist Research Centre
3. Knowledge Development for Academic Service to Locality, Community, and Society
Strategy I University Development as the Knowledge-Hub for Academic Service to Locaity, Community, and Society
Strategic Objective III Awareness of Language, Music, and Thai Art and Cultural Promotion to International Level
1. Sufficient Development of Multicultural Knowledge
Strategy I Cultural Knowledge Development
2. Development of Pride in Culture to Promote Understanding in Multiculture
Strategy I Cultural and Multicultural Conservation, Inheritance, Promotion, and Expansion
3. The Use of Cultural Capital for Value Added Creative Economy
Strategy I Creating Social Value and value Added Ecomony with Cultural capital
4. Development of International and National Art and Cultural Network
Strategy I Cultural Network
5. Implementation of Royal Philosophy and the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economic
Strategy I Project Development based on the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economic
6. Conservation, Restoration, and Development of Local and Community Wisdom
Strategy I Centre of Conservation, Restoration, and Development of Local and Community Wisdom
7. Development of Language Learning Resources and International and National Network Contribution
Strategy I Language Centre for Language Learning Resources and Research
8. Music Expertise, Music Knowledge Development, and International Standardized Music Professional
Strategy I Promoting the Establishment of Music Institute
Strategy II Development of Music Knowledge Management System and Mechanism
Strategy III Support of Cooperative Network in Music Professional Development
Strategic Objective IV Improvement of University Management Capacity using Good Governance
1. Excellent Management System According to Mission of the University
Strategy I Development of Organizational Management
Strategy II Development of Financial and Income Management
2. Development and Improvement of Information Technology and Communication for Quality of Service and Learning Management
Strategy I Improvement of Informational and Communicative System inside and outside the Organization
Strategy II Improvement of IT Infrastructure and the Informational and Communicative Cooperation
3. Support of Facility, Environment, and Services for Students and Personnel’s Life Quality Promotion
Strategy I Spatial and Environmental Management in and around the University, Safety, and Learning facilitation
4. Strengthen of Quality Assurance System and Mechanism for Quality Culture
Strategy I Quality Development of Internal Quality Assurance System and Mechanism
Strategy II Establishment of Internal and External Quality Assurance preparing for International Quality

update : 4 dec 2013